Macroporous and thermal mineral plaster


Insulating, natural, mineral, fiber-reinforced render.


TERMAL U is a mineral render with high insulating capacity produced with light, natural, aggregates materials and hydraulic binders. TERMAL U will not deteriorate, will not alter in time, and is not affected by insects or mould. TERMAL U withstands the effects of atmospheric agents. TERMAL U comply with EN 998-1.


TERMAL U offers a high degree of thermal insulation and, thanks to its specific polyvalence, can be used to replace any other thermo-insulating materials. The material can be used to create mineral, permeable, heat-insulating, render coatings with high durability for the insulation of buildings on concrete and masonry or any other type of thermal insulation uses, also when applied in low thicknesses.


TERMAL U provides a very high degree of insulation also at low thicknesses as a result of the characteristics of the components used in its particular formula, the use of amorphous silica and thanks also to the method of production.

Low thicknesses: On account of its specific quality, this product allows the user to obtain a high degree of insulation with a thickness of only 2,5-3 cm.

Permeability: Thanks to the characteristics of the materials with which this product is produced and its aerated structure, TERMAL U offers a very high degree of permeability, which facilitates the migration of water vapour towards the outer surfaces, thereby eliminating condensation and humidity (and mould), which can greatly reduce the insulating effect of low-conductivity materials. Masonry and building structures thus stay dry at all times and thermal insulation remains at a constant very high level.

Qualitative protection: Outdoor application of TERMAL U as an insulating agent decreases the risk of excessive ranges of temperature variation in the winter and summer periods. The phenomenon of structural expansion, an adjunctive cause of fracturing and cracking, is thus limited and long-lasting, effective protection is guaranteed.

Thermal shield: The insulation system created by the use of TERMAL U allows for the elimination of ‘thermal bridges’ or points of ‘structural interruption’ in a building, such as floors which come into contact with outer walls or points where two external walls join. From experience, it is possible to state that such areas and structural points feature high rates of thermal dispersion, and in an internally isolated building, can reach approximately 20% of total dispersion. Elimination of ‘thermal transfer bridges’ eliminates the formation of condensation in the corners of rooms, on ceilings and in walls, the areas with the highest levels of conductivity and the lowest surface temperatures. This is possible because by isolating these areas on the outside, the internal temperature will never fall below dew point, which ensures a high level of environmental comfort for persons inside the building.

Fiber-reinforced: TERMAL U is fiber-reinforced. This limits the formation micro-fissures and cracks caused by plastic shrinkage.

Mechanical resistance: TERMAL U provides a high level of mechanical resistance to compressive strength and impact and can be easily restored just like any normal plaster. As it resembles common renders, TERMAL U easily allows for recasting in future structural work or building maintenance and adheres homogeneously to the previously applied layers.