Protection and strengthening of reinforced concrete bridges and viaducts

Concrete is undoubtedly a material widely used in construction, thanks to its cheapness, ease and speed of installation, however, the topic that has always been discussed is the durability of reinforced concrete products. The concrete is subject to aggressive action deriving from the environment, which often generates degradation on the structure, in particular with the corrosion of the reinforcement bars. The electrochemical phenomenon comes from carbon dioxide and chlorides, respectively with widespread and localized disruptive effects (pitting corrosion). Degradation can also affect the cementitious matrix due to physical-chemical actions such as physical-chemical actions such as freeze-thaw cycles, shrinkage, thermal phenomena, acid attack, alkali-silica reactions and sulfates.

Our company has products for the restoration of degraded concrete according to EN 1504.

Moreover, the maintenance of the existing infrastructures is one of the most important issue for the constructions’ market; for the infrastructures, as well as for the buildings, the refurbishment and restoring are priority activities today, in order to maintain the value of the existing works and guarantee safety conditions for users.

Using FRP technology, G&P intech has realized the flexural and shear reinforcement of bridges and viaducts on Italian Motorways by lamelle CFK and C-SHEET fabric.