Thermoceramic high reflecting coating for building insulation and protection


Ceramics are a well known non-conductor of heat. Nasa science use’s a ceramic composite tile system that is over 90% void. These voids contain a complete vacuum. It states from thermodynamic that nothing can move by conduction through a vacuum. The GP SunZenit technology Green Power has been developed using ceramic micro-spheres (20-120 microns). This heat blocking protection can now be applied in a practical long lasting system to just about any substrate or surface (metal, plaster, concrete, bituminous membranes, etc.) as a complete stand alone roof system, facades top coat outside and inside, or repair.

GP SunZenit formula’s are complex combinations of acrylics, elastomerics, mastics, weather-proofers, dispensers, reflector materials, mildew inhibitors, fungicides, bonding resins, anti-shrink materials and other materials heretofore unavailable. The resins are made up of very complex polymers that can hold onto huge amounts of solid particles and still have great adhesion. Normal resins loose much of their adhesion as solids are added. We add huge amounts of our ceramic microspheres, which should float to the surface, but are held in fluid suspension by the polymers. When applied, and the coating has cured (water evaporates), these microspheres pack closely forming a very effective heat blocking micro- structure. Special polymers also allow the substrate to breath.

Under wet conditions they swell allowing no moisture to penetrate, but when dry, the substrate is allowed to vent off any trapped or built up moisture.

GP SunZenit coating of 0,25-0,30 mm forms a solidly bonded, seam free, highly flexible system that has an effective use range of –50 °C to +200 °C. At the coverage 0,6 mm thickness GP SunZenit is guaranteed not to leak, even with ponding water, for a full 10 years. High elongation and adhesion on all type of surfaces. Strong durability over the 10 years of guaranty. LOW VOC, Non-Toxic in liquid or cured state. No noxious fumes. Water based, easy clean up. Fire Resistance material. Completely Washable. Resists many harsh chemicals including oils, gasoline and acids.

GP SunZenit Roof Coat is tested for asbestos encapsulation.


Hemispherical Spectral Reflectance testing shows excellent reflectivity in the spectrums that account for heat transfer by radiation: 85%. Emissivity more than 90%.It also directly reflects 16% of the harmful UV radiation. Independent Lab tests show UV exposure actually makes the coating stronger and more flexible. This high overall reflectance qualifies GP SunZenit System for top energy saving. GP SunZenit has been studied and tested in several European Departments of Technical Physics.

Has been also demonstrated that the energy saving in the building can reach the medium value 25-30% for application outside, inside and roof in summer time (more than 40% in summer) and in the winter time, due to the combination of several effects of material like reflectance values, thermohygrometric balance due to vapor permeability, water protection and elongation. The durability of the system is also extremely long lasting : the product has been tested aging for long term without significant reduction of mechanical characteristics. GP SunZenit is available in different formulation (Biocid versione for hot climates).

HyTecCo is available in different formulation:

– Roof Coat for roof protection

– Exterior for external facades

– Interior for inside surfaces

– Wood Protect for wood elements

-Metal Tank for metal vessel


GP SunZenit is primarily used as a roof, inside, outside coating. It may be utilized wherever a weather resistant, flexible membrane like coating is required. GP SunZenit is water basis. Primers: no primer is usually required, except for porous support and gypsum board with Primer P, new bitumen roofs with Primer BT, rusty metal with Primer M, rusty metal could require a rust inhibitor Primer RM. Follow instructions for proper application on different surfaces. A reinforcing fabric is suggested in the area of joints, flashing seams, corners, around vents, air conditioners, ducts and any area where leakage could be a problem. See applications instructions for details. The roof need a minimum slope of 2% and water drain around the roof edge. Surface preparation: all surfaces must be dry, clean and free from dust, dirt, oil and grease. Minimally, surfaces should be cleaned. With a power washer prior to coating providing this will not damage the roof or cause leaking. Theoretical minimum coverage: 0,25-0,3 mm thickness with approx 400-600 g/m2 and no loss (to be applied in 2 or more coats by roller and airless sprayer).

In case of waterproofing the roof or ponding water existing, minimum coverage is 0,6-0,7 mm. Drying time: to set 60 minutes – to recoat 6 hours at least when dry – to complete hardening 24-48 hours (at 25°C and 50% relative humidity).

After 60 minutes GP SunZenit coating has surface set to the point where it is no longer susceptible to airborne dust and will not run in the presence of increased humidity. Do not apply GP SunZenit coating if precipitation is imminent or is likely to occur before GP SunZenit coating is dried through, or if temperature is expected to drop below 5°C. Elongation : 100%. Adhesion: excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates like wood, urethane foam, galvanized steel, aluminum, bitumen roof, shingles, concrete, asbestos and others. Accelerated weathering: no evidence of chalking, delaminating or loss of flexibility and adhesion. Resistance to water ponding: GP SunZenit coating displays excellent resistance to ponding water at the right thickness (0,6 mm minimum). Color: tinting may be achieved with GP SunZenit coatings by the addition of universal colorants. Darker colors will give a correspondingly lower reflectivity to the coating systems. Ask the availability of the colour choosed .

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Tensile Strength Elongation EN ISO 527-1> 2,5 N/mm2
Breathing trapped water vapor EN 1062Class V2 Sd = 1m
Water impermeability EN 1062Class W3
Adhesion EN 1542> 1,5 N/mm2
After weathering> 2 N/mm2
Solar Reflectance ASTM E 982 -82 (white base) in the range 280-2500 nm85%
Thermal Conductivity DIN 526160,05 W/mk
Ultimate Elongation at Break EN 527-1100%
Chemical resistance 16-hour spot tests
on salt solutions, acids, petroleum products
and other harsh chemicals ASTM 1308
No harmful effect
Ozone and UV resistance ASTM D 1149 No chalking, delaminating or loss of flexibility and adhesion
Fire resistanceClass B1 (Class A FIRE version)

The medium values can change for different versions of product and for testing normes.

Effect of GP SunZenit Interior in the inside temperature

GP SunZenit Exterior for outside facades

GP SunZenit Roof Coat on metal, concrete, bituminous surfaces.

Metal Tank for metal vessel.

GP SunZenit is a brand of G&P Intech Italy.

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